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RYO Jayang Yunmo Shampoo 180ml

-Ryo hair loss prevention shampoo
-For oily scalp
-Powerful Anti-Hair Loss and Scalp Soothing
-Proven by clinical test restoring thinning and dull hair up to 70% and regrowth the hair naturally.
-Revitalizes hair follicles and supports a healthy scalp.
-Effective Treatment for Thin and Damaged Hair!
-Gentle and Safe Use for Both Men and Women!
-Before rinsing, massage the scalp and hair gently.
-Feel thicker and stronger hair by daily use.


1. What is hair loss? (Phenomenon of hair dropping)

Hair loss, like the life of a person, has the ability to grow and regress for a period of time, when hard and strong hair gradually softens and softens, and eventually becomes weak like a fluff. About 100,000 hairs seem to be growing all the time, but they actually have a period of growth and a period of rest.

90% of all hair is always growing and the remaining 10% is called “resting” and lasts for about 2 to 3 months. At the end of the break, the existing hair starts to grow and new hair begins to grow.

2. The relationship between dandruff and hair loss

If the long horny part of the scalp remains without being removed, the pores are blocked and nutrient supply from the outside is not smooth, and sebum secretion and nutrient absorption become obstacles to hair growth.

In addition, when sebum is refluxed, it binds with the male hormone in the hair follicle part, and it inhibits the production of the ‘keratin’ carrier protein which is the main component of the hair. As a result, dandruff interferes with the skin’s metabolic functions necessary for hair growth and can adversely affect hair growth and production, leading to hair loss.

3. What causes daily hair loss?

A. When the muscles of the scalp are tense because the skin circulation does not work
If the skin circulation gets worse, the hair follicle responsible for hair health is deficient in nutritional supply and causes hair loss. If you wear a tight-fitting hat or if you wear your hat for a long time and your scalp is tense, hair loss will occur.

B. Unreasonable diet
When excessive diet is not enough nutrient intake is not done to reduce the cell division that will produce hair, hair and scalp dry as hair loss occurs.

C. Incorrect diet
Daily diet is an important secondary factor in hair loss along with stress. Meat is generally a food that helps with hair loss because animal fat lowers cholesterol in the blood and weakens the nourishment of the hair follicle.

D. Other
A harmful environment such as air pollution, frequent perm and dying, and use of hair dryer cause hair loss. If hair styling products containing chemical ingredients are used excessively, hair loss may occur.

4. Complex Symptoms Management for Oriental Medicine and Hair Loss

Ingredients used for scalp health Ginseng, Gugija, Hassuo, White porcelain,
Hair is one of the mirrors of nutrition in the body. If the balance of yin and yang inside our body collapses, it will not only make your complexion worse, but also your skin and hair will become fuzzy and lose their shine. Therefore, scalp and hair health care also start to maintain a good balance of our body and soul.

Our old souls have tried to keep the harmony of body and yin for healthy scalp hair and have used various folk remedies.

Introduces herbal ingredients that have been used for scalp health.

Ginseng and Goujiae are common herbal ingredients for hair loss symptoms. White porcelain is the seed of the Japanese cabbage tree. Leaves of the Japanese cabbage tree are the herbal ingredients used to alleviate the itchiness of the scalp and prevent dandruff.

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